ILS2018 International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain

The objective of the ILS international conference is to bring together researchers, business leaders and professionals from industry and services to share and exchange on world class research related to supply chain design and management, information and decision-making systems, innovative practices in logistics, etc. The conference offers opportunities for the identification and the emergence of industrial and societal issues and research opportunities on these topics…

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TS15: Market-driven green supply chain management (R. Hammami – France, I. Nouira – France),

Contact: ramzi.hammami@rennes‐, imen.nouira@rennes‐
Abstract: The growing body of literature on green supply chain management often consider the environmental concerns as constraints that the firms must comply with (e.g., carbon cap) or cost factors that should be reduced (e.g., carbon tax). With the increase in the environmental awareness of many customers, the environmental performance of products is becoming an important purchase criterion in both B‐to‐B and B‐to‐C sectors, just as price, lead time, quality, etc. In this session, we aim to shed light on the research studies that consider the environmental aspects in supply chain management as a competitive factor that can permit, for instance, to attract more customers, justify an increase in the offered price, improve the firm’s revenue, distinguish the firm’s product from that of the competitors, access a new network of collaborators, etc. In general, we are looking for research contributions that consider the environmental concerns as an opportunity to enhance the firm’s performance in the market, rather than a constraint imposed by the regulators. All the research methodologies are welcome (analytical models, large‐scale models, empirical research, case studies, state of the art, etc.). Examples of relevant topics include (but are not limited to):
‐ Study of the impact of a green supply chain on the increase in the firm’s revenue or market share.
‐ Pricing decisions for green products.
‐ Analysis of the effect of environmental considerations on the collaborations or/and the competition between firms.
Keywords: Green Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Competition, Collaboration

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